Do you have a legally valid and up-to-date Will that specifies who your property and wealth should go to after your death? If you’re not sure that your Will still accurately reflects your final wishes, John Whyte’s Will Writing Service in Eastbourne can help you make any changes and update this very important document.

If you haven’t made a Will, we recommend making it a priority now. It is your chance to decide where you would like your property, financial assets and other belongings to go after you’ve passed on. Leaving it too late, or just not bothering, carries the risk of dying ‘intestate’. If that happens, it will be up to the law to determine how to distribute your estate, and the result may not be what you would have chosen.

John Whyte is an experienced Will Writer in Eastbourne and part of Stanford Legal Services. He can work closely with you and expertly draft your Will to ensure that your final wishes are written down legally and unequivocally.

Why do you need a Will?

Many people are of the opinion that Wills are for rich people only – but this completely misses the point. Making a Will while you are physically and mentally healthy serves to protect your loved ones’ future when you are no longer around to look after them. Here are some of the many reasons why making a Will is an excellent idea:

  • You can make sure that your children/dependents are financially provided for
  • You can specify a legal guardian for your children under 18 years
  • You can protect an unmarried partner
  • You can safeguard the family home
  • You can decide who gets to look after your pets
  • You can protect your digital assets
  • You can leave a legacy to a charity
  • You can take measures to mitigate your inheritance tax exposure

What happens if you don’t make a Will?

Thinking about your own mortality is not something anyone likes to do, but not bothering to make a Will can have serious consequences for your loved ones. Here are just some of the things that could occur if you don’t make a Will:

Funeral – Your funeral wishes and arrangements may not be carried out.

Partner – Your spouse or civil partner may not automatically inherit your estate, and unmarried partners may be left with nothing.

Children – Children under 18 years may have to go into the state care system and end up in a foster home.

Possessions – Your entire estate may be disposed of or be sold by the government.

Tax – As a general rule, IHT is payable at a flat rate of 40% on anything above £325,000.

Debts – Your loved ones could inherit your debts, which may cause financial hardship.

Family arguments – There may be tension in the family over who should get what.

Unworthy heirs – Your estate may go to a relative who you don’t want to benefit.

How John Whyte’s Will Writing Service in Eastbourne can help

John Whyte offers a cost-effective and efficient Will Writing Service in Eastbourne, East Sussex and beyond. With professional help, it’s easy to get your affairs in order and then proceed to enjoy the rest of your days knowing that your loved ones are taken care off when the inevitable happens.

  • We are part of Stanford Legal Services, estate planning experts with in-depth knowledge of probate and inheritance law. We can help you make your Will so that it is legally valid and minimises your inheritance tax exposure.
  • We are highly experienced financial advisers with a long-standing specialism as mortgage brokers and equity release advisers. Together, we can discuss your assets and family circumstances including every possible scenario you should consider.
  • We will write your Will in jargon-free language while ensuring that the correct legal terminology is used where necessary. With a Will written by John Whyte, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your final wishes are going to be honoured.

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