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Why choose equity release?

When many people approach retirement, they come to find that a large amount of their wealth has been invested in their home, preventing them from using it. Although downsizing is an option, there’s an alternative for homeowners that don’t wish to move out; equity release.

Equity release plans allow you to access a portion of the money tied up in your property, in order to spend it on the things you want. Perhaps you’ve been waiting to buy a new car or make some renovations to your home, or maybe you want to treat your family to a special holiday. For some, accessing small amounts of equity over time simply allows them to live more comfortably in their retirement.

It’s important to understand that equity release is a major decision and will affect your finances for years to come. Taking impartial expert advice is essential to get a clear picture of whether equity release is the right choice for your circumstances and, if so, which schemes offer the greatest benefits to your unique situation.


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How can John Whyte Equity Release help?

I have been providing professional financial assistance for many years, throughout Kent, Sussex and Surrey. My career has been built on offering reliable, unbiased advice, and I would be happy to explain the details of equity release and the impact – both positive and negative – it can have on your lifestyle and on your family members after you pass away.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about equity release or my professional background, please get in touch. Initial consultations are always free and without obligation, and are intended to help you decide whether to pursue equity release as an option. Call me directly on 01903 890 660 or send a message using the form on the right and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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