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Lots of homeowners across the UK use equity release as a means of funding their lifestyles after retirement. If you’re finding that the majority of your wealth is tied up in the value of your home, arranging a lifetime mortgage or a home reversion scheme is a way to access a lump sum or a series of smaller payments as you need it.

It might be that your retirement income doesn’t quite cover the level of comfort that you’d like to enjoy. Perhaps your interest-only mortgage is about to mature, and you need additional funds to repay the outstanding balance. Maybe you want to invest in renovations for your home, but can’t afford them on your retirement income alone. Or, you might just want to splash out on a big family holiday to enjoy some relaxation with your loved ones now that you’ve finished working.

There are a number of different lenders that provide equity release, so the important thing is to choose the one that best fits your circumstances. Depending on your current financial situation and what you’re hoping to use the funds for, I can help you find the scheme that will be most beneficial for you and your family.


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Is equity release the right choice for you?

Lots of people find that, when they reach the later stages of life, much of their wealth is tied up in the value of their property. This can make it difficult for them to live comfortably after retirement, make significant investments or spend their money in the way they wish without moving to a smaller home.

Equity release offers an alternative to this, giving homeowners the opportunity to remain in their property while accessing a percentage of its value. This money can be used to fund a home renovation, splash out on a big family holiday or simply make your everyday life more comfortable. To learn more about lifetime mortgages and home reversion click here.

Why work with John Whyte

Having worked all over the South East of England for many years, I have discussed equity release options with homeowners in Horsham, Warnham, Southwater and the surrounding areas. My specialist expertise in mortgages and equity release means I can offer personalised, impartial advice about the options available to you, particularly if you are looking at lifetime mortgages, later-life mortgages or home reversion.

If you are considering equity release and would like to better understand how it might affect your circumstances, I would be happy to talk about your situation and answer any questions you may have. You can call my office for an initial phone consultation (always free and without obligation) on 01903 890 660, and from there we can arrange a face to face meeting at our offices in Worthing, or your home in Horsham.

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